Clay puppy project for kids

How to Make a Clay Puppy ~ A perfect project for kids.

how to make a clay fish tutorial for kids

This little puppy is a great project for kids and it is fun to make. First, you will need to make the plaster clay.

This is how you make the plaster clay:


PVA glue

Tile Grout Glue



Toilet paper

White Acrylic Paint


Mix at least 1 bag of white flour. Make sure you know how many cups of flour and add half that of salt, so for example, 2 cups of flour needs 1 cup of salt. Then add the salt. Mix water and add 1 roll of toilet paper. Mix it all in. Add water to suit. Rip some pages of newspaper up and add it into it. Add 1 cup of PVA glue and 1/2 cup of Tile Grout glue. Mix in White acrylic paint until it is all white. Mix until it is the same consistency as bread dough.

How to Make the puppy.

This puppy is made by rolling out clay into 2 x balls. The first one will be the head. Use a knife and shape the snout. Stick to the 2nd ball (body) by dipping the end in water to make it sticky. Roll out 4 x small rectangular legs and stick to the corners of the body. Use a knife to shape the paws. Flatten two small pieces of clay into triangular shape and stick to the top of head to create ears. Roll out some clay into the tail. Use two small balls as eyes. Use a knife to shape your puppy into how you want it to look.

Paint your clay puppy sculpture.

Firstly, spraypaint your puppy in black all over. Then spray over with gold paint. Use a brush and paint patches of the puppy with black, such as the edges of the ears, the snout, the paws, the eyes, and the tail.

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