Crochet Jellyfish

Crochet Jellyfish ~ Free Hairpin Pattern

crochet jellyfish crochet pattern

Skill level: Intermediate.

Fun level: High 😀

This is an adorable crochet jellyfish pattern that can be used as earrings, jewellery, accessories, and dream-weavers. The video below explains this crochet jellyfish with step by step instructions.

Crochet Materials:

100 % Acrylic Green Yarn

Crochet hook size 3.0



Crochet Jellyfish Pattern

This pattern uses US stitch abbreviation. For the UK jellyfish pattern, click here.

With green yarn and heirloom on 2nd smallest setting crochet 13 loops each side and attach with sc each time you flip the loom. Make 2 motifs with 13 loops each side. Attach one of the sides of the first motif along one of the sides the second motif by sl st one loop together each side. Secure with single crochet in same st as sl st. Ch 3, sc in next 2 loops (one loop each motif). Continue crochet ch 3, sc in 2 loops together until end.

On the other side of 1st motif crochet all loops together with sl st. Do the same on 2nd motif. Sl st through both sl sts to join the two motifs together. Do not cut the endings of the yarns as they create the ‘arms’ of the jellyfish.

Hairpin Circle Pattern

Hairpin is an art form and it will transform your crochet. Click on text or image to get the Hairpin circle pattern below. 

How to Hairpin Crochet Circle

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tree of life crochet pattern

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yarn belt crochet hairpin pattern

Hairpin Poncho Crochet Pattern

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crochet hairpin poncho pattern poncho hairpin crochet pattern


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