Crochet Swan

Crochet Swan Free Crochet Pattern

Skill level: Intermediate

Crochet Swan Pattern

Crochet Materials

Crochet hook size 3.0

100 % white cotton, 4 ply, black yarn.

Sewing needle


Crochet Stitches

Double Crochet (dc).

Chains (ch)

Slip stitch (sl st).

3-ch picot.

Other stitch abbreviations:

Chain Space (ch sp)

Skip (sk)

Crochet Swan Pattern

This pattern uses UK stitch abbreviation. For the US Swan crochet pattern, click here.

Row 1. Ch 22, turn, 1 dc in 2nd ch from hook, turn, 10 dc in ch sp between dc and turning ch, *10 dc around remaining ch, sl st in 10-dc-circle*, rep between ** 4 times, leave about 4 chs on chain, 7 dc around remaining of chs, turn, sl st in 2nd dc from hook, turn.

Row 2. 10 dc in 2-dc-ch sp, sl st in 4th dc next 10-dc-circle, sk rest of dc same 10-dc-circle, sl st in 4th dc next 10-dc-circle, (3-ch picot, dc in next 2 dc) x 3 dc in next dc, sl st across remaining dc on next 3 x 10-dc-circles, sl st in 1st picot. Do not turn.

Row 3. Dc in next 5 dc o the last 10-dc-circle made, ch 1, dc in next 3 dc, sl st in next picot (middle picot), ch 5, sl st in next 10-dc-circle (the one before 1st picot round 2), turn, 5 dc in next 5-ch sp (creating a bridge), sl st in next dc, dc in next 8 dc. Turn.

Row 4. (Ch 3, dc in next dc) x 7, sl st in last picot, sl st in next dc (on bridge), (ch 3, dc in next dc) x 4, turn, sl st in dc next 10-dc-bridge (that has no 3-ch sp), (Ch 3, dc in next dc) in remaining dc around until all 10-dc-circles are covered in 3-ch sp.

Row 5. Ch 15, turn, 30 dc over the chains, sl st in next 3 ch sp, turn, sl st back up into the next 25 dc, dc in remaining 2 dc, (ch 3, dc in next dc) x 3, sl st in tip of cord, ch 3, sl st in 3rd sl st on cord (from body).

Fasten off. Weave in ends.

Use black yarn and stitch eyes on the head using a sewing needle.




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