Do it yourself Wedding Makeup

Wedding Make-Up Tutorial

Wedding make up tutorial step by step

Take control of how you look with this wedding makeup tutorial. You know best the textures and tones your face loves. Combine your favourite makeup with some of my best makeup hacks and you could be on a winning streak.

Foundation Makeup Hack 1: Mix your favourite foundation with 5 drops of rosehip oil. Mix in the 2nd foundation with your favourite foundation, except the 2nd foundation is one tone darker than you are used to. Mix in a teaspoon of regular face cream. Apply to your face.

Lipstick Makeup Hack 2: Add a blush that matches your natural lip colour. 

Lipstick Makeup Hack 3: To get the perfect lipstick effect, put some rosehip oil on your lips. Apply a thin layer of regular face cream. Add powder on your lip. Add your lipstick on top.

Eyeshadow Makeup Hack 4: Apply primer first. Apply white base first, then add a darker eyeshadow on the outer side of the eye lid. Add eyeliner afterwards. 

Brow Makeup Hack 5: Fill your brows by using a dried up mascara. Use the brush on the brow. This will make your brows look fuller. Use a pencil and hold it diagonally from the side of your nose to side of the outer of your eye. Does your brow touch where the pencil lands. If not, fill in with an eyeliner. 

Use Mascara on your eyelashes. If you want to use fake lashes, use individual lashes rather than a set of lashes. 

My very best Makeup Hack

My favourite Makeup hack is using a dried up mascara on my eyebrows. The next favourite hack I use is to blend in Rosehip oil into the foundation I use. Rosehip oil will enhance your foundation and at the same time even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of scars and blemishes.


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