Elephant Sewing Pattern

How to sew and Elephant ~ Free Sewing Pattern

elephant sewing pattern

Step 1. Cut out the pattern: elephant and elephant ears (separate).

Step 2. Fold the fabric in half. Cut two pieces of the elephant. Cut two pieces of the ears twice.

Step 3. With the rights sides together, stitch the edges together, except top of trunk, bottm of feet and tummy.

Step 4. Fold the right sides out. Use a crochet hook to pull out the trunk and feet.

Step 5. Fill in stuffing.

elephant sewing pattern

Step 6. Stitch the openings together.

Step 7. Put ears right sides together.

Step 8. Stitch along sides, but keep one side open.

Step 9. Fold inside out.

Step 10. Fill in stuffing.

Step 11. Sew opening together.

Step 12. Attach to elephant head. You can use the sewing machine, but if it is hard to get the elephant head under the needle, you can stitch the ears on using a hand needle.

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