Fabric Cactus

DIY Fabric Cactus ~ A Sewing Tutorial.

This is a fun sewing tutorial you can do to decorate your house.


I used an old flower shirt as fabric. I also used blue fluffy material.

Sewing machine.


A drawing pad.



Craft filling.

Cactus Sewing Instructions.

Step 1. Draw your cactus on a piece of paper and cut it out using scissors.

how to sew a cactus tutorial

Step 2. Pin the pattern to fabric. Since I used a shirt, I cut through both layers.

how to sew a cactus tutorial

Step 3. Stitch right sides together except bottom of cactus (where craft filling will go). Turn piece inside out so that right sides are now outwards like picture below.

how to sew a cactus tutorial

Step 4. Fill in craft filling.

Step 5. Cut 5 small pieces of fluffy fabric.

how to sew a cactus tutorial

Step 6. Wrap the blue fabric into a ball and stitch onto the cactus.

how to sew a cactus tutorial

Congratulation. You are almost done. All you have to do now is to stitch together the bottom of the cactus so that the craft filling won’t fall out. Put in a pot and you are finished. This is the plant that will never die on you. 🙂

How to sew a fish sewing tutorial.

Click on text or image to get the fish sewing tutorial. 

Scrap fabric Fish Sewing Tutorial
Step 7. Finished fish.


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