Halloween Ghost Pom Pom

How to make your own Pom Pom Ghost this Halloween

ghost pom pom halloween

This is a simple and fun Pom Pom ghost for Halloween. You will need Mohair yarn in deep purple and Green.

Ghost Pom Pom Instructions

Step 1. Cut about 5 inches of green yarn and lay between 2nd and 3rd prongs on a fork. Begin with deep purple yarn to wrap around the fork until the fork is covered.

Step 2. Wrap green yarn over purple yarn until it looks like the image below.

Step 4. Detach from fork and tie up the 5 inch yarn around the work. Cut half way up as image below shows.


ghost pom pom Halloween

Crochet Eyes

Make 2.

Use crochet hook size 1.0 and ch 2. Turn, 7 sc in 2nd ch from hook, sl st in 1st sc. Attach to ‘face’. Use black curly yarn and thread through eyes and leave about 1 inch of black yarn sticking out of the eye. Use the crochet hook size and create a knot at the top of black yarn.

Use purple yarn and tie a bow on some strings of green yarn on the top of the ghost’s head. 

How to make a Pom Pom Echidna

Click on the image to get this pom pom Echidna pattern.

Pom Pom Echidna free pattern


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