How to crochet double crochet stitch

Double Crochet Stitch ~ A Crochet Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to crochet a double crochet stitch (US) or a treble stitch (UK).

Watch the video for step by step instructions on how to Crochet a double crochet (dc) stitch. Note that a dc (double crochet) is a US term, and in the UK they call it tr (treble). 

Double Crochet Stitch Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Yarn over, insert the hook into the chain or stitch.

Step 2. Yarn over and pull the yarn through the stitch creating three loops on hook.

Step 3. Yarn over and pull yarn through two loops on hook.

Step 4. Yarn over again and pull yarn through last two loops on hook.


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