How to Make a Mold and Frog Plaster

How to Make a Mold and Frog Plaster Sculpture

This tutorial is presented by Guest Blogger Peter Planner.

Latex molds can be made from small ornaments, fridge magnets or ornaments from discount shops, even garage sales. Ensure the item to be cast is smaller at the top than the bottom and no extended parts….otherwise, the mold will not separate from the cast properly.

Step 1 Place item on a plastic tray or dish

Step 2 Pour latex liberally over item ensuring it pools around the base and all areas are covered…larger items may need another coat for strength or the addition of surgical tape after the first coat dries.

make a latex mold

Step 3. Smooth out bubbles with a spatula and leave to dry in a well-ventilated area. When latex is completely dry, carefully and slowly peel off the latex.

Step 4. Remove frog from latex mold and leave for a while to ensure inside of latex is dry.

remove frog from latex mold

Step 5. Frog mold is finished and is ready for Plaster of Paris. Mix Plaster of Paris according to makers instructions

Step 6. Place mold on glass or similar for support and pour Plaster of Paris into the mold.

plaster of paris casting sculpture

Step 7. gently smooth plaster ensuring mixture penetrates mold completely and bubbles are eliminated. It’s at this stage a magnet can be placed (if item is to be used as fridge magnet) Remember that the base should be flat so item sits evenly when its removed from mold. Leave until the plaster is thoroughly dry.

Step 8. When plaster completely dry, carefully peel away latex skin. Plaster frog is now ready for painting. Latex mold can be reused for more castings.

finished mold and cast

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Peter Plan

Peter Planner is an Australian Camping Enthusiast who prefers his life inside a tent on a river bank to the comfort of living in the suburbs. His days are spent carving wood and making beautiful ornaments. Peter Planner will be a regular Guest Blogger on KnotSoHot.

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