How to Make your Own Tarot Runes

Major Arcana Runes Tutorial

Hi, everyone. I love to make things. My mediums are fabric, clay, yarn, paper, and also digital mediums. In the tutorial below, I take you through a creative journey where I made all different types of runes that can be used in Divination. I made Major Arcana runes and used the symbolism in the Major Arcana tarot cards as inspiration. Then I made the Elder Futhark runes and also the Witches Stones. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. 🙂

polymer clay major arcana runes tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make your own Runes based on the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot. Learn the Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings Here.

You will need: 

Polymer clay.

Household items (you will have to be creative) that you can bend and shape to carve the symbols onto the polymer clay.

Acrylic Paint.

Major Arcana Rune Template (found here).


Cut the clay into little balls and flatten them slightly. Polymer clay is hard clay and it is a lot easier to carve the symbols when the clay is hard so do NOT use a clay press to soften the clay. Carve the symbols found on the template, then cook the runes in the oven. Follow the instructions set by the manufacturer of the polymer clay. When the runes are finished cooking the clay will be very hard (like rocks). Paint the runes with black paint, then use a foam brush and stamp a golden colored pain on top. Make sure the black paint remains untainted inside the carved areas.

Rune binding pendulum.

The Elder Futhark Runes is one of the oldest deciphered alphabets and a wonderful testament to the ways of the Vikings. A common way to evoke the magic of the Runes is to combine the symbols into a new symbol. The Rune symbols in the image below is Uruz, Algiz, and Laguz.

rune binding magic runes elder futhark

Rune Pendulum

The image below is an example of Rune symbols that I carved into polymer clay and wrapped with wire so I could wear it as a necklace.

rune binding symbols binding runes

Make your own Elder Futhark Runes in Polymer Clay

Below are a couple of examples of Elder Futhark Runes made with polymer clay that I used to sell at the Sunday market in Redcliffe (home of the BeeGees)

elder futhark runes in polymer clay

Witches Runes made with Polymer Clay

Below you can see different ways to make witches runes or witches stones with polymer clay. I used to sell these at my market stall.

witches stones made with polymer clay

The Eight Witches Stones

Get the template and witches stone meanings here. 

the eight witches stones

How to work with Polymer Clay

how to work with polymer clay

Working with polymer clay can be tough on your hands. I recommend using a clay press as it softens the clay. A clay press looks just like a pasta maker. When you push the clay through the press it makes it a lot easier to use afterwards. I wish you all the best in your creative ventures.

Big Love from Ingie


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