Latex Mold Tutorial

How to make a Latex Mold and Plaster Cast ~ A Tutorial By Guest Blogger Peter Planner.

Latex Mold Tutorial Mold Latex tutorial


A wood carving you want to mold.

Wood Sealer.

Quality Latex.

Latex smoothing tool such as a wooden knife.

Paris of Plaster.

Mixing Bowl.

Mixing wooden spoon.

In this tutorial, Peter Plan made a wood carving Fenris from Norse Mythology. Below is his tutorial on how he made a Latex Mold out of it. 

Step 1. Coat the carving with a wood sealer. This will stop the Latex from soaking into the wood.

Step2. Use a quality latex.

Step3. Pour the latex on to the carving.

Step4. Smooth the latex over the Mold.

Latex Mold Tutorial Mold Latex tutorial

Step 5. Make sure any bubbles are removed.

Step 6. Ensure the latex covers all of the carving. For strength this process can be repeated with additional coats of latex, even adding surgical bandage between layers. Wait until latex is dry before adding additional latex.

Step 7. Wait until latex is completely dry.

Step 8. Gently and slowly remove the Latex Mold from the carving starting on the edges first. Be very careful not to tear it.

Latex Mold Tutorial Mold Latex tutorial

Note that the Original Wood Carving is left darker from the Latex. It is advised to practice first and not to use antique furniture.

Begin making your Plaster Cast. 

Step 9. Mix Plaster of Paris according to manufacturers instructions.

plaster of paris cast tutorial

Step 10. Pour plaster gently into your newly made mold ensuring it is completed in one go, or the plaster may dry at different times and crack when dry. If the plaster cast is to be used as a wall hanging or pendant it is at this stage a loop of wire can be placed in the wet plaster.

plaster of paris mold cast

Step 11. Smooth out all the bubbles and leave to dry on something solid.

Step 12. When plaster is dry, carefully peel away latex mold.

Your Cast is Now Ready for Painting. 🙂

Latex Mould Tutorial Mould Latex tutorial

About Peter PlannerPeter Plan

Peter Planner is an Australian Camping Enthusiast who prefers his life inside a tent on a river bank to the comfort of living in the suburbs. His days are spent carving wood and making beautiful ornaments. Peter Planner will be a regular Guest Blogger on KnotSoHot.

Peter Plan’s Frog Mold and Cast Tutorial

Click on text or image to get this tutorial.

remove frog from latex mold


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