Low Sugar Menu Plan

7 Days Low Sugar Menu Plan

blueberry smoothie recipe

Day 1
Breakfast: scrambled eggs + reduced-fat milk
Lunch: Chicken salad wrap with carrots, lettuce, tomato
Dinner: Tuna Melt on Dark Bread.

Day 2
Breakfast: Oats with low fat mild.
Lunch: Crispy fish with salad.
Dinner: Rotini beef with black beans.

Day 3
Breakfast: Wholegrain cereal + reduced-fat milk
Lunch: Shredded Pork burrito with brown rice (no tortillas)
Dinner: Chicken tenders with Cauliflower.

Day 4
Breakfast: Handful of almonds + 1 apple
Lunch: Wild rice soup.
Dinner: Coconut Chicken Curry Stew.

Day 5
Breakfast: Bagel with low-fat cream cheese
Lunch: Asian broccoli wrap.
Dinner: Mushroom Quiche

Day 6
Breakfast: Banana Smoothie with low-fat milk and low-fat yogurt
Lunch: Grilled Salmon with Lettuce and Low Fat Sour Cream
Dinner: Slow cooked Sweedish Meatballs

Day 7

Breakfast: Cauliflower muffins
Lunch: Creamy Turkey Soup
Dinner: Rotini with Beans


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