Old Lady Doorstopper ~ Crochet Pattern

Old knitting lady door stopper crochet pattern

crochet doll pattern crochet doll

This adorable old knitting lady is the perfect door stopper. Instead of filling in with craft filling, fill it with rice to make it heavy. The old knitting lady can also be paperweight and book holder. She is also a perfect decoration piece.

Crochet Materials

Crochet hook size 2.5.

100 % Crochet yarn 100 % acrylic 5 ply in white, purple, brown, light green and pink.

Doll eyes (can be bought in craft shops)

2 x 1-inch screws (to be used as ‘knitting needles’)


Crochet Stitches

Chain (ch)

Chain Space (ch sp)

Slip stitch (sl st)

Double crochet (dc)

Half treble (htr)

Crochet Instructions

This pattern uses UK crochet stitch abbreviation. For the US pattern, click here. 

Crochet Head.

Make a slip knot.

Round 1. Ch 1, 8 dc in chain, sl st in 1st dc.

Roun 2-3. Ch 1, dc in dc. (8).

Round 4. 2 dc in dc. (16).

Round 5. Dc in dc. (16).

Round 6. 2 dc in 1st 8 dc, 1 dc in remaining 8 dc. (24).

Round 7 -11. Dc in dc. (24).

Round 12. *Dc in next dc, 2 dc tog*, repeat between ** to end. Fill in Rise.

Round 13. 2 sts tog until the hole is closed. Fasten off. Pull yarn through the middle and pull it tight to make a concave effect to create the illusion of a toothless mouth. Stitch pink yarn as the mouth.

Crochet eye sockets (make 2). 

Crochet eye sockets.

Make a slip knot. Ch 1, dc in ring until you can not fit any more dcs in the round. Continue crochet over the round of dcs with another round of dcs. Repeat a third time of dcs. Now the eye socket is folding slightly inwards. Sitch the eye sockets to the doll. Attach craft doll eyes in the eye sockets.

Crochet nose. 

Make a slip knot. Ch 2. 10 dc in 2nd ch from hook. 12 htr on top of round of dcs. Cut off yarn and use sewing needle to thread the yarn through all the htr and tighten. Attach nose just below the eyes.

Crochet arms (make 2).

With White: Ch 10, attach with sl st to form ring.

Round 1. Ch 1, dc in each chs.

Round 2-11. Dc in dc. Make the gauge tighter as you crochet the rounds so that the arms get slimmer. (You will attach the slimmer side of arms to back side of head).

Fasten off and Fill in with rice.

Reattach yarn in foundation ch with a sl st.

Round 1. Ch 1, * 2 dc in next st, sl st in next st*, repeat between ** all around, end with sl st in ch 1.

Round 2. Dc in each sts around.

Round 3. Dc in dc.

Round 4. Dc in next 2 dc, (ch 3, dc in next dc) x 4, dc in next dc, ch 3, dc in next dc, 2 sts tog to 1st 3-ch sp. Fasten off.

Use a sewing needle and tighten the opening a little, but not completely. Attach ‘wrist’ parts to lady’s chin. Use the sewing needle and purple yarn to make small stitches on fingers to resemble nail polish.

Attach hair. 

Use curly brown yarn and attach with sl st on her head. Put the hair in a bun.

Make knitting lady’s knitting project.

With light green yarn, ch 4.

Round 1-5. Dc in dc.

Roll up some of the yarn into a ball.

Use two 1 inch long screws for knitting needles.

The Little Details

Use thin pink thread and a sewing needle and stitch through the fingers to give the effect of painted fingernails.

crochet doll crochet pattern


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