Paper Mache Plaster Cane Toad

How to make your own Paper Mache Plaster Figurine ~ Cane Toad

paper mache clay toad


Cane toads are large toads populating Australia at an alarming rate. They are considered a pest here, and they are causing a lot of harm to the Native wildlife. At the art center where I work, we decided to make a ‘harmless’ paper mache Cane toad that is just being cute.

First, we made the Paper Mache Plaster. We kind of improvised a lot with this and the end result ended up great (after much trial and error + making a complete mess).

Paper Mache Plaster Recipe Ingredients

You will need:


PVA glue

Tile Grout Glue



Toilet paper

White Acrylic Paint


Paper Mache Plaster Instructions


Mix at least 1 bag of white flour. Make sure you know how many cups of flour and add half that of salt, so for example, 2 cups of flour needs 1 cup of salt. Then add the salt. Mix water and add 1 roll of toilet paper. Mix it all in. Add water to suit. Rip some pages of newspaper up and add it to it. Add 1 cup of PVA glue and 1/2 cup of Tile Grout glue. Mix in White acrylic paint until it is all white. Mix until it is the same consistency as bread dough.

How to make paper mache cane toad

paper mache clay toadcane toad plaster paper mache

Now that you have made your plaster, it is time to make your toad. Make the head, body, eyes, arms, and legs separately. When you work with the plaster it can easily become very sticky. Roll it in flour to dry it. When you attach the body parts together, dip the parts into some water to make them stick to each other. Then let it air dry for a couple of hours.

I spray painted the Cane toad with black paint. Then I painted green on top, then yellow and a darker green. Then I added some more black paint to give the impression of spots. Paint the eyes with purple paint, then white on top. Use black for pupils.

paper mache clay toad


If you want your cane toad friend to be an outdoor garden feature, make sure you coat with a sealer that waterproof your sculpture.

Enjoy making your Paper Mache Plaster Figurine like our Cane toad friend. 🙂


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