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Spider-Man ~ Comic Book Art by Dominatingart4u

Spiderman comic book art comic book spiderman
Spiderman art by Dominicart4u

One character that easily comes to mind is spider-man. This seminal character of the comic book world and one of Marvel comics flagship character is one of pop cultures more famous personalities. Conceived in August of 1962 by Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby, I find this creation to be really fascinating especially since there are many many facets that go into making spider-man. The characters had to have a personality of the teenagers of the time which was also gaining popularity. Because teenagers have a lot of erratic nerosis, he thought it would be interesting to incorporate these themes. Stan Lee stated that when he was looking at pulp magazines he honed in a crime fighter called The Spider by the author Richard Wentworth. In what would a sign to this wondrous writer he saw a spider crawling up a wall. He also stated that he wanted to refer to this teenage character as spider-man other than spider boy. This was important because he wanted to the character going through stages where he was growing up. Spider-boy sounded somewhat underwhelming to other super heroes of the time like Superman and Batman.

The Spider-man Suit

As for the costume design of Spider-man, the job was handed down to comic book designer Steve Dikto. The original design was not really well liked by initially by members before publishing with some saying he looked like “captain America with cob webs”. Other interesting adages were the fact that although he had a mask covering his whole face, the reader could definitely see what his expressions were simply by the ridges underneath the spandex. Also, the idea of the web shooters was also added on.

Another artist and writer that contributed to Spiderman’s creation were Joe Simon who noted that some of the influences came from a Publishing house called Crestwood Publishing in the 1950s.


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