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Who is Stan Lee ~ By DominatingArt4u

If there is one name that stands out in the comic book world and that is Stanley Leiberman, known professionally as Stan Lee. Born in Manhattan in 1922. He is known as the “Godfather of Comics” and his influence on the industries has had one of the biggest impacts spanning many a decade. Growing up he was enchanted by the actor Errol Flynn. Stan got his first writing job writing obituaries and writing for the national tuberculosis center. With the help of his uncle, he was able to obtain a job at the company timely Comics. This company would go on to become Marvel. He first made his first comic book debut In Captain America foils the Traitor’s Revenge. He then went on to make the comic book the destroyer. Other characters he created was jack frost and farther time. He always stated that he wanted to write the great american novel. At school he was inspirited to get into writing professionally by his teachers and won a competition to write.

In ww2 he was working on the telephone line and working for telecommunications while also writing comics sending them home. After ww2 Stan Lee on the advice from famed comic artist Julius Schwartz introduced a more naturalist style and adding more complex emotions to the character. This was the time coined as the Marvel Revolution. Alongside Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby Lee created The Fantastic Four, Iron man, Scarlet Witch, X-men, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Thor and their most successful creation Spiderman. During this time he introduced the lettering and writing that is common amongst marvel comics. He would often sign off with the word: “Excelsior”. In order to keep up with the frantic pace of comic book industrie, he taught all employees at Marvel a system that would meet all deadlines called the Marvel method.In the 1960s, he focused on social issues that were being raised at the time. In the 1980’s he moved to California where he set up his own media company. During this time he continued to work with Marvel from time to time. In the 1998 , he started an internet company creating several programs. In the 2000’s, Stan lee was still working in the comic industry and when Marvel started to make movies he was making cameos in the movies renewing more interest in culture of comic books. He continued to work in the industrie until he died in 2018. 

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