Stuffed Goat Sewing Pattern

Stuffed Toy Goat ~ Free Sewing Pattern.

Skill Level: Easy.

This goat sewing pattern is perfect for kids.

This Sewing Goat Pattern is easy to make.

Step 1. Cut out Pieces as shown below.

Step 2. Fold fabric in half and cut out pieces.

Step 3. With right sides together, stitch sides using a sewing machine. Keep back side open so that you can pull the right sides outwards.

Step 4. Pull right sides outwards and fill in stuffing.

Step 5. With a sewing needle, close openings.

Step 6. Make ears and horns the same way.

Step 7. Stitch ears and horns on using a slip stitch.

Vola. You are finished. 🙂



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