The Incredible Hulk

He is a character that has had a major prestige on the comic book world and indeed pop culture in general. This character has appeared not only in comics but also on t-shirts, games, food and beverage products, toys, statues, movies, and other assorted items. The fact that many people when at the gym state they are as big as The Hulk says something about the appeal of this icon. The Incredible Hulk is more than just an over emasculated man, his character also encompasses many different themes. Created by Stan Lee, and Jack Kirby, the hulk has gone on to become a pop culture icon. The Hulk conception was an interesting one. After the success of the fantastic four, Stan Lee noticed that the character people were drawn towards was the thing and that the thing had an exaggerated form. Stan wanted to make a character that was encapsulating the fears and anxieties of people that were witnessing the Atomic age. This came in the form of a nuclear physicist, Bruce Banner accidentally becomes exposed to gamma radiation and becomes the monster whenever he is angry. An analogy for nuclear warfare when a man becomes aggressive. For the monster himself, Stan always had the idea of him being a cross between Frankenstein’s Monster and Doctor Jeckel and Mister Hyde. Fellow artist Jack Kirby also put his input in by saying that he was also had ideas about the mythical creature known as the Gollum and a story he had read in the newspaper about a mother who lifted a car to save her child. Stan wanted to make sure that the Hulk did not represent any ethnic group so his first colourisation was grey. However, after a few more issues it was decided upon to change the colour to green. The way The Hulk has been portrayed in terms of personality is also a key part of the characters nature. He talk’s in a basic manor very much like a child. This was very much allegory as it has often been said that people that play with nuclear weapons are like children. Throughout the decades, many writers and artists have put their own artistic signatures to the character. There are several other characters that have been included in the hulk These include his enemies: They are The Leader who has a massive intellect, The Abomination a reptilian version of the hulk, The Absorbing man, Zaxx to name a few. He is also in the company of some allies including Betty Ross, Doc Sampson and Jennifer Waters who would go on to become she hulk. Besides its anti-nuclear message, other themes permeate the character. These include war, bullying, family issues to name just a few.

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