Verdens Beste Cake

How to Make ‘Verdens Beste’ (World’s Best) Cake.

norwegian meringue cake verdens beste words best

This is an insanely delicious Norwegian Meringue cake dubbed The World’s Best. 🙂 The hardest part of this cake is to assemble it after it’s baking time. You will have to cut it in half sideways, remove the top part, and put the custard in the middle, and then put the top back on again. It can be a bit tricky since the meringue has almond flakes on it and it can easily break off if you are not careful.

I felt my grandma’s presence as I made this cake. She used to make a perfect version of it, but I don’t have her recipe. I did my own research and put together what I believe is the closest to her Verdens Beste Cake.

Ingredients you will need for the world’s best cake :).


150 g plain flour.

150 g unsalted butter.

130 g raw caster sugar.

5 egg yolks.

1 peaked tablespoon baking powder.

1 tablespoon vanilla essence.

100 ml organic full cream milk.


5 egg whites.

1 flat tablespoon of cream of tartar.

250 g raw caster sugar.

130 g of flaked almonds.


Thick custard.

Verdens Beste (World’s best) Baking Instructions.

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees fan forced.

Sponge: Separate the egg yolks and the egg white. For the sponge, use only the egg yolks. Mix (use a handheld mixer) the butter and the raw caster sugar together until its pale. Add the 5 egg yolks in one at a time. Sift in the plain flour. Add baking powder and vanilla essence. Add the milk and mix it all together thoroughly.

Pour the mixture into the pan. Make sure the pan has been greased.

Meringue: Whisk the egg whites and cream of tartar together using a handheld mixer. Mix until soft peaks form. Add the raw caster sugar slowly. When stiff peaks form you are done. Spread the Meringue over the sponge mixture. Add 130 g of almonds on top.

Bake in the preheat oven for 40-45 minutes on 180 degrees. Make sure it is completely baked all the way through. Leave to cool. I recommend you leave it in the fridge overnight before you attempt to separate the top layer. Slice the top layer off and add thick custard in the middle. Place the top layer back on top. It is now ready to be eaten.

Ready to eat

Whip up some cream and throw in some blueberries. 🙂

verdens beste cake


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