Simple Wire Wrap Jewellery Tutorial

Rose Quartz Wire Wrap with Glass Pendulum

Skill level: Easy

wire wrap pendulum simple

Wire Wrap Materials:

Rose Quartz

Glass Pendulum Circular

Copper wire gauge 20 and 28.

Chain or string to attach jewellery around the neck.

Wire wrap pliers (round nose pliers and cutters)

Wire Wrap Pendulum Tutorial

Step 1. Cut 3 x 8 inches (or 19 cm) 20 gauge wire. Cut 28 gauge wire and wrap the 20 gauge wire as shown in the image below.

simple wire wrap tutorial

Step 2. Place the rose quartz in the middle of your wire and begin to wrap around the quartz. There is no right or wrong way as long as the stone can’t slip out of your wire wrap creation. 🙂 See image below.

simple wire wrap tutorial step 2

Step 3. Make sure the sides are secure with wire. See image.

simple wire wrap tutorial step 3

Step 4. Use pliers to shape the wire wrap the way you like it. See image below.

simple wire wrap tutorial step 4

Step 4. Make jump rings and attach glass pendulum and string/chain. See image.

wire wrap pendulum simple

Tips when wire wrapping.

Wire wrapping is meant to be relaxing. Let your imagination and inspiration guide you when wire wrapping your stones and pendulums. 🙂


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